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Our Prices *

The standard inspection fee includes the house & site, an attached or stand-alone garage.

Here are our basic pricing structure for a 4 bedroom, single storey home

Concrete Floor Post 2010's  -  $499.00

Concrete Floor Pre 2010's  -  $549.00

Timber Floor Post 1950's - $649.00

Timber Floor Pre 1950's - $699.00


4-5 bedroom  -  $50.00
Two Storey  -  $100.00
Direct Fix Plaster (Monolithic) Cladding  -  $80.00

* Prices are subject to a travel fee outside the greater Christchurch area
(Rangiora, Rolleston, Lincoln, Lyttleton)

* Additional charges would apply for homes for extra rooms, garaging, sleep-outs, studios or granny flats.

* All transactions will be billed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

* All prices are quoted inclusive of GST.

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HABiT Christchurch

HABiT Christchurch can assist you with your pre-purchase house and building inspection.
We pride ourselves on our quick, professional service.

Contact us to see how we can help you.

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METH Testing

Meth Testing is now available. A basic positive/negative answer, on the spot results.

Cost start at $150 (incl gst) for the first two rooms, then $50 (incl gst) for each room thereafter when a building inspection is carried out.

When booking online, please mention in our "notes" section your request for METH testing - we will quote accordingly.



Andy Lin is the Christchurch owner-operator of Habit Christchurch.  Andy has nearly 10 years of experience in the Construction industry, specialising in renovation work.

Nathan Attwood is our Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) inspector.  He has been in the construction industry for 10 plus years.  Nathan has worked with a lot of EQC repaired properties and has built new houses as well.

They bring a combined wealth of experience to their work and this is reflected in the quality of their inspections and reports. They are happy to quote free of any charge or obligation on a property by property basis.

Office:       (03) 344 5193
Mobile:         (027) 251 4704