Building reports, pre purchase inspections

HABiT reports where born out of frustration with the lack of comprehensive reports that were circulating out there for potential purchasers and home sellers.  We were constantly told of the lack of sensitivity towards consumers that were unfamiliar with the terminology and technical detail that is required to understand a normal building inspection report.

We decided to do something about it and hence the HABiT Building Inspection Team was born, providing professional, comprehensive and easy to understand reports that talk to you in your language.  These reports are carried out by qualified, experienced and professional inspectors. 

All HABiT franchises are covered by professional indemnity insurance with the exclusion of Swimming Pool, Total Valuation, NZ Weathertightness, and NZ Earthquake.

What can you expect from a HABiT building inspection report?

  • Prompt 24-hour turnaround service for standard reports
  • Thorough reporting: any area that requires attention will be logged in a different colour, with a brief explanation of where it is, what the problem is, and what is required to bring it up to an acceptable level
  • Quality NZ Standard NZ4306 based reporting
  • Plenty of photographs so you can instantly see areas not normally accessed when viewing a property
  • Straightforward reporting: very little building terminology is used, giving a clear, user-friendly report
  • Impartial, independent inspectors who are working only on your behalf
  • Email reports can be emailed to you for instant results
  • Pricing that is cost-competitive and a report that provides priceless peace of mind


What does a HABiT pre-purchase property inspection cover?

  • Site:  driveway, fencing, drainage, retaining walls, decks and patios
  • Outbuildings:  garages and carports
  • Roofing:  roof cladding, fascia, eaves, gables, flashings, chimneys, aerials, penetrations
  • Drainage:  guttering, downpipes, gully traps
  • Exterior:  cladding, flashings, penetrations, joinery
  • Interior:  walls and ceilings, door & window joinery and security locks, floor coverings, wardrobes, storage, electrical, pests and insects
  • Kitchen:  joinery units, oven, plumbing, tapware
  • Bathroom:   showers, toilets, baths, plumbing, tapware, vanities
  • Structure:  alterations and additions, overall condition, sub-floor, ceiling space, insulation
  • Moisture:  A non-invasive moisture meter is used to take relative readings around the dwelling, both inside and out.  Please note:  THIS IS NOT A WEATHER TIGHTNESS OR LEAKY HOME REPORT.


"Fantastic report"

"Fantastic report. The turnaround time, the quality of the report, and the presentation. And your price is good too!"
- Chris S

"A most comprehensive report"

"A most comprehensive report – I have to say it far exceeds the equivalent inspection in the UK. We both feel confident now that the property is a good one and a sound investment for the future."
- Gareth V

"Very impressed with your thoroughness"

"We just wanted to thank you for the job you did. We were very impressed with your thoroughness, the comprehensive report and the suggestions on how to repair some of the problems."
- Hanna H

"Amazed at the extent your report went to"

"We were just amazed at the extent your report went to. I was at Westpac arranging insurance for the property and just happened to show them the report you had done and they said they had never seen a report done so well."
- Denise A

"Really appreciate the detail"

"Thank you for the building report, I really appreciate the detail in the report, not to mention the turn around time, it was incredible! I would highly recommend you to any other potential buyers. Because of you we have been able to make a very informed decision. Worth every cent and then some! I have set up payment, this will hopefully show up in your account tomorrow."
- A Pilalis

View a sample report

Sample report 1986 weatherboard2

building report

Sample Report 1945 Direct fixed with Issues2

building report

Sample Report 1989 weatherboard town house2

building report

Sample report One Bedroom Apartment2

building report

Sample Report 1960s Weatherboard2

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