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Our Prices *


1-3 bedroom, single storey home
$ 575.00  (incl GST)
4+ bedroom, single storey home
$ 625.00  (incl GST)
Any two storey home
$ 675.00  (incl GST)
Apartments / Townhouses
will require quote

* Additional costs may occur if dwelling is larger than 250m2, and where extra service and living rooms are present

* Additional travel costs may apply outside Whangarei area

Payment to be made in full, prior to release of report

Cancellation Fee

within 24 hours of inspection 
(workdays Mon-Fri)

$ 200.00  (incl GST)

All transactions will be billed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) 

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HABiT Whangarei


Meth testing

Meth Testing is now available.  A basic positive/negative answer, on the spot results.

Cost start at $140 +gst (for the first two rooms), then $90 +gst (for every two rooms selected thereafter) when a building inspection is carried out. 

If only a meth test is required, a minimum of four rooms are required to be tested.

When booking online, please mention in our “notes” section your request for METH testing - we will quote accordingly